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Navigating the LESI2021 (Virtual) Annual Conference: Detailed Manual for the Conference Platform

LESI 2021 - at a glance

Getting Started:

This manual aims to guide you so you can make the most of your participation in the LESI2021 (Virtual) Annual Conference The manual will elaborate on how you can navigate through the virtual platform.

Main Page:

To Access the main conference platform, click on the link provided in the email you received or type in the URL: in the address bar of your browser to visit the virtual platform. We recommend that you use either Chrome, Safari or Firefox for best performance.


Please note you must have registered in advance to access the conference.

Click on the Login button on the Homepage. It will open a popup asking for your Email (please use the email you registered with). No password is required.

If you are unable to log in please contact


Once you have successfully Logged In, you enter the Virtual Lobby.

From the Virtual Lobby, you can access the various features of the conference. As soon as you log on for the first time, you will want to review the program and add sessions you are interested in to your schedule. Here you can also add items directly to your outlook or google calendars.


Our Program has three primary elements:

The Main Program – plenary sessions and concurrent panel discussions You can access the main program through the Auditorium link on the menu bar at the top of the lobby.
The “Small Table” Discussions You can access these discussion also through the Auditorium link on the menu bar at the top of the lobby. These LIVE roundtable discussion will be happening through the 24-hour program and will appear in the main schedule at the relevant time.
The LESI 24-hour Café (Networking opportunities) You can access this through the Networking link on the menu bar at the top of the lobby.


Click on the Auditorium tab on the top navigation bar. Once in the Auditorium, click on the screen in the middle to access the schedule of sessions that make up the main program (plenary sessions and concurrent panel discussion). From here you can also access the small table discussions.

Starting one week before the event, you can click on the session you are interested in and add then to your schedule on the platform or add the calendar items directly to your outlook or google calendars.

A ‘Join’ button will appear automatically next to it when it is time for the session to start. Click on the Join button to play the video.

Attendees will submit their questions via the Q&A widget during the session New questions will filter in from the top of the screen. While some of these questions can be answered live by attendees and speakers tunning into the session, some may be answered afterwards in the 24-hour café. We will share all the questions with the speakers after the event.

To answer a question that is submitted through the Q&A widget, click on the Question, and then Reply below the question. Add your answer and then click Send button to submit the answer. See below.

Exhibition Hall:

Clicking on the Exhibit Hall button in the top navigation bar will take you to the Exhibition Hall where all Exhibitor Booths are located.

You can simply click on any booth in the Exhibit Hall to access different booths. You can also find a booth using the Exhibitors Index in the bottom right. All booths are listed alphabetically in the Exhibitor Index.

To enter a booth, simply click on that booth in the Exhibit Hall or the name of the booth in the Exhibitors Index.

Booth View

Clicking on the booth will take you inside the booth as seen below.

  1. Description: A brief profile or description of the booth
  2. Videos: Any videos uploaded by the company
  3. Documents: Any Documents uploaded by the company

You can view company information and documents in the booth. You can click on different content tabs as well. You can click on the “Chat” tab to access the chat area.


Click on the “Chat” tab in each booth and you will be taken to the chat area. You can also go to chat using the ‘Info Desk” in the lobby. Booth Reps and visitors can have public as well as private chat.

Center space seen above is for public chat where anyone can send message. Messages sent in public chat area will be visible to all.

To initiate a private chat, hover over an online user’s name and you see the button that says 'Chat Now'. Clicking on that opens a private chat window where you can chat with visitors.

Once you are in a direct message chatroom, the audio/video call icons are available on the top right. Press the icon to initiate and audio/video call.

Networking- LESI’s 24hr-Hour Café:

On the networking tab you can visit Remo to network with other delegates.

When you enter Remo either login or create an account (if you have not used Remo before).

There will be 5 floors avaible

A full guide on how to navigate Remo can be found here.


The Resources section contains all the documents available in the event. You can filter the documents by booth.

Swag Bag:

As you go through documents in the event, you can add them to your Swag Bag. The idea is to help you save these in the virtual bag so that you can view them later. These documents can also be emailed so if you would like to email these documents to your email address, you can choose these documents by clicking on the checkbox next to each document and click on “Email”.

Post Conference Events:

There will be 6 'cocktail' receptions 9:00 am EDT / 3:00pm CEST & 10pm KDT (for 1 hour) happening directly after the closing ceremony.

  • LESI BOARD (Champagne)
  • YMC (SOJU BOMB competition and NEGRONI ROOM)
  • WILA (Cosmopolitans)
  • JAZZ (Paper Plane)
  • ORGANIZING COMMITTEE (All Sorts of Alcohol/ BYOB)
  • SOFT CLASSICAL MUSIC (Really Good Wine)

Links for these events will be sent by email to all registered delegates before the end of the conference.

Tech Support:

In case you have any technical queries, you can click on “Help Desk” in the Lobby and it will take you to the Technical Support Chatroom. In case you have any questions, write an email to and we will be happy to assist you.

If you are unable to log in please contact